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Foton Lovol heavy industry Sanxia service "new ideas" short message service "3+5+1"

Enter Foton Lovol heavy industry national Sanxia cross regional operation information service center, one after another, the sound of drops can be heard, and you can see rows of neat seats, busy figures, professional answers, and you can see that every information clerk is working in his seat in an orderly manner

looking around the whole hall, I suddenly found that there were many "fresh faces" different from ordinary people. Their skin color was obviously darker than ordinary people, and their Mandarin seemed to be a little worse than the seats I had seen before. But after listening carefully, I found that their answers were very high-level and professional. After inquiry, it turned out that these were "technical experts" who had worked on the front line of service for many years

"Because Sanxia is the busiest time for the information center, the traffic volume has increased greatly, and the pressure of the information service center is relatively large. In order to ensure the smooth flow of all information during Sanxia, some comrades who understand product technology and have rich front-line service experience will be transferred at this time of year. After training, the operation, management and internal control of the enterprise will be gradually improved and enriched to the expert seats of the information center. This year, we are more In previous years, more than 10 expert seats were added. " Minxiangrui, deputy director of Sanxia service command center, told me

I found that when the informants here answered, everyone was generous, smiling and standardized in terms. One ended and the other immediately picked up. I can't see any negative emotions in my hard and busy work. It's not too much to use the word "professional". "This is the first lesson I learned after working here," Xing Zhimin, an information clerk, told me

the service pressure of adding 23 expert seats is relatively relieved

it is understood that since the Foton Lovol heavy industry information service center was officially completed and put into use in April 2003, it has been upgraded on a large scale for four consecutive times, with a total investment of more than 30 million. At present, it has formed 64 full-time seats, with the information service business ability to process 25000 pieces of information a day and release more than 1 million pieces of information a day. Through the network Modern information service means such as SMS can realize the seamless connection between enterprises and customers in all-weather and multi-dimensional, so that users can fully share the full-time, efficient and convenient information services

with the increasing mechanization of the national wheat harvest in Sanxia, the number of agricultural machinery in the country has increased year by year, providing timely, accurate and comprehensive information services for hundreds of thousands of cross regional robots across the country, which has become the primary problem to be solved by the Sanxia information service center of Foton Lovol heavy industry

"From 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. every day is the period with the highest traffic here, and most of the incoming calls at this time are focused on vehicle maintenance. The problems reported by users are relatively professional, and some of the problems may be difficult for the information clerk to answer, but with these 'technical experts', it is quite easy to solve them. Ordinary agents can also switch some difficult problems to the expert seat, and they can do it The service efficiency of remote guidance is very high, and users are also very satisfied. " Wang Xiaoyan, chief of the information center call service section, told me

during the interview with the information service center, I heard such a dialogue between "technical expert" Zhou Yong and users

"Hello! This is the national three summer trans regional operation information service center. How can I help you?"

"I'm harvesting wheat in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. I want to ask you something? My Ceres harvester can't lower the header when operating the lifting handle of the header. What can I do?"

"is it just that the header cannot be lowered normally? Can the reel be lowered normally?"

"yes, the header cannot be lowered, and everything else is normal."

"generally, there are two reasons why the header cannot be lowered. One is that the hydraulic oil return filter element is blocked, and the other is that the slow lowering joint of the header cylinder is blocked. If the reel drops normally, it means that the hydraulic oil return filter element is not blocked. Now you just need to remove and clean the slow lowering joint at the connection between the header cylinder and the oil pipe."

"Oh, it's so simple, OK."

"excuse me, do you have any questions"

"no, thank you! I'll hurry up as you say!"

"OK, thank you for calling. Goodbye."

it is reported that "technical experts" like Zhou Yong At present, the number of expert seats in the information service center has increased to 23, 13 more than in the past. During this three summer period, the service effect has become increasingly prominent. In view of their relatively rich experience in technical service, especially for problems such as adjustment faults, the ability to solve problems at one time is greatly improved, and the call in solution time is shortened, which not only saves users' valuable harvest time, but also correspondingly reduces the service pressure of front-line service personnel. In addition, because these "technical experts" are originally the special identities of front-line service personnel, they have a good understanding of the products, services and other resources of the market terminal, and can schedule and deal with user problems in a timely and reasonable manner

in addition, these "technical experts" also provide internal training and guidance to information staff in their relative spare time to improve the overall business capacity of the information service center, which can be called killing three birds with one stone

Zhou Yong used to be a service staff member of Nanjiang marketing department. He told that it is often regular customers who seek "remote guidance" for services. They have received corresponding technical training before and after the purchase of the machine, and have a certain foundation of maintenance. Therefore, when guiding them to solve problems, it is much easier to communicate. The province realizes digital push-pull meter, pull-pull two-way sensor The calibration of the dynamometer is labor-saving

"before the beginning of the summer of this year, Foton Lovol heavy industry gave full play to the role of the training base, strengthened the special training of key customers and the training of members of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, and effectively achieved point-to-point training, with the training rate guaranteed to reach 100%; using the time of April and may, it made a breakthrough to implement training for new machine users, and also ensured that 100% of the training was in place." Lu Dongshan, chief of the service management section of Lovol agricultural equipment marketing company, said

16 sub command centers operate effectively, service resources are reasonably allocated

before the coming of the three summer exam, Foton Lovol heavy industry established a three summer service command and management organization with the general manager of the company as the general command. The headquarters relied on the national three summer trans regional operation information center as the command center of Foton Lovol heavy industry, and set up a front-line sub command center at the service terminal relying on the agricultural machinery department and service providers, Coordinate and command various service resources to provide users with 24-hour high-quality services

according to Wang Bin, manager of the marketing company of Foton Lovol heavy industry agricultural equipment division, according to the transfer route of cross regional users from south to north, Foton Lovol heavy industry has set up a total of 16 sub command centers and 100 green service channel stations in the main wheat producing areas of the country in summer this year, and connected the sub command centers and stations with information means to form an unimpeded cross regional operation service channel, Provide one-stop all-round services for cross regional users to escort the summer harvest

before Sanxia, the information service center will announce the sub command centers all over the country in the form of networks, text messages and so on, so that the majority of users can reasonably and appropriately use the local sub command center to solve various "difficult and miscellaneous diseases" during the cross region operation, and have no worries on the way to the cross region operation, and can experience the deep family care of Foton Lovol heavy industry all the way

of course, the function of the sub command center as a hub is not limited to this. It can also alleviate the traffic pressure of the information service center headquarters to the greatest extent, reduce the overall call loss rate, and make the one-time call in rate almost 100%. In addition, it can also shorten the time to reply to users, improve the problem processing efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and objectively form a win-win situation between users and the company

"9+1" short message service is reasonably adjusted to "3+5+1"

the biggest highlight of the short message service of Foton Lovol heavy industry information service center this year is to adjust the original "9+1" message to "3+5+1" message. 3. It is the three major information of operation skills, agricultural machinery maintenance and technical maintenance, which mainly involves the use and maintenance of agricultural machinery products. Such information users need beautiful appearance and high quantity, which directly determines the level of users' operation of machines; 5. It includes operation progress, machine collection price, supply and demand information, weather and traffic information, which is directly related to the flow direction and income of users' cross regional machine collection; 1. Comprehensive information, which is the policy information that users pay more attention to. Compared with the original "9+1" information classification, "3+5+1" information classification is more in line with the actual needs of users, which will further improve the pertinence of information transmission and better meet the needs of users for information

at the same time, in terms of network services, while continuing to provide comprehensive highlights, information services, agricultural machinery information, local focus, maintenance, green channels and other related content, this year, we will focus on the functions of the information service module, strengthen the functions of the maintenance module, strengthen the operation ability of users, and ensure the effective utilization of the machine

experts said that the weather this year is relatively abnormal, and the maturity of wheat is generally irregular, resulting in the obvious span of wheat harvest in the three major wheat producing regions in the country, which lengthens the trans regional operation time of the whole Sanxia. The extension of Sanxia will undoubtedly increase the working pressure of the National Sanxia trans regional operation information service center

before the end of the interview, it was found that the staff were distributing hot summer and heat clearing items such as golden throat throat treasure and chrysanthemum tea to everyone in the information service center. "Although it is very hard for every information clerk to work overtime during the summer vacation, this is our working price. Although some customers will bring their own shopping bags, customer satisfaction has increased, consumer loyalty has also increased, and the company's revenue and sustainable development can also be guaranteed." Minxiangrui, deputy director of Sanxia service command center, told me. Huicong construction machinery

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