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Facing the digital future, build a century old chemical store

Beijing, China, on February 2, 2021, from crops that thrive in the fields to colorful clothes, from a wide range of goods in supermarkets to endless vehicles on the road, people's clothing, food, housing, transportation, production and life are inextricably linked to the chemical industry

the chemical industry is the upstream link of the whole manufacturing industry and one of the basic industries of the national economy. Its development level can directly affect the prosperity of thousands of industries in the downstream. Therefore, it has become a must to arm chemical enterprises with digital technology and help them achieve intelligent, green and safe sustainable development

build a century old store

Hubei sanning Chemical Co., Ltd. (sanning chemical) located in Yichang City along the Three Gorges is a large chemical enterprise integrating coal chemical industry, phosphorus chemical industry, fine chemical industry and industrial service industry

relying on its unique location advantages, resource advantages and management advantages, over the past 50 years, step by step, sanning chemical industry has transformed from Zhijiang chemical fertilizer plant, which was founded in 1969, into a leading national brand in the chemical industry. At present, the company has an annual production capacity of 1.3 million tons of total ammonia, 3 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer, potassium fertilizer and compound fertilizer, 2.3 million tons of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, 130000 tons of caprolactam, 300000 tons of hydrogen peroxide and cyclohexanone. At the same time, it also has six special wharfs, dangerous chemical yards and their supporting special Fleets for dangerous chemical transportation and large-scale dangerous chemical storage and transportation centers, with a total asset of nearly 20billion yuan

in the past, when referring to chemical enterprises, people always thought of high emissions and high energy consumption. However, sanning chemical has found a circular economy path with resource products, waste and renewable resources as the closed loop. For example, the heat energy generated by high-temperature flue gas and exhaust gas can be used to build thermal generator sets, the differential pressure in the carbon propylene cycle can be used to realize energy recovery, and the steam produced by sulfur based sulfuric acid can be supplied to the coal chemical industry sector to produce synthetic ammonia. In the future, sanning chemical also plans to further extend the industrial chain to the deep processing fields such as nylon and wire drawing, so as to drive the development of the original textile industry in Zhijiang

although remarkable achievements have been made in the past 50 years, sanning chemical, which is committed to building a century old store, has never stopped. Facing the next 50 years, sanning chemical has its own profound thinking

in front of chemical enterprises, there are three contradictions that must be solved: first, the contradiction between the complexity of production process units and the industry's requirements for extreme safety and stability; Second, the contradiction between homogeneous products and increasingly fierce market competition; Third, it is the contradiction between the high pollution and high energy consumption characteristics of the industry itself and green and sustainable development. In this regard, Yang Wenhua, director of the Promotion Office of sanning chemical intelligent factory, said: Schneider Electric has used digital solutions to help us deliver an ideal answer. Thanks to this, we have achieved 25% to 30% job integration, and energy efficiency has increased by 5%

Schneider Electric has complete process automation and power distribution solutions in the chemical oil and gas industry, and has become its main automation and electrical partner in the latest 600000 T/a ethylene glycol project of sanning chemical. Based on ecostruxure architecture, Schneider Electric has provided a series of safety and digital solutions for sanning chemical industry, including Triconex safety system (safety instrument system sis+ gas detection system gds+ Compressor Control System CCS), medium and low voltage frequency converters (atv1200, atv930) The medium and low voltage intelligent distribution system (pix medium voltage distribution cabinet, MTZ digital air circuit breaker, compact NSX molded case circuit breaker/lc1d series contactors, A9 series miniature circuit breakers, etc.), aveva asset information management and aveva operator training simulation system (OTS), etc., helped sanning chemical build a digital chemical plant, thereby realizing the overall upgrading of project construction and safety production, The whole life cycle digital transformation of production management and project operation and maintenance has been started

rooted in the digital gene for smart factories

in the past, many enterprises wanted to achieve digital transformation, but they suffered from not laying a good data foundation, leading to the instability of digital real estate. In Yang Wenhua's view, the construction of smart factories is an overall project, involving the integration of information technology (it) and operation technology (OT). To this end, sanning chemical established the intelligent factory Promotion Office in December 2016, aiming to integrate data at the production and operation levels, open up the full link of production, supply and marketing, and lay the foundation for the promotion of intelligent manufacturing and digitalization. Looking back, this is a very forward-looking decision in the whole industry

with a unified command office, the 600000 T/a ethylene glycol project of sanning chemical industry has been deeply rooted in the digital gene since the beginning of construction. In this process, Schneider Electric helped sanning chemical realize the digital delivery of the project, which is also the first step in building a digital chemical plant. Yang Wenhua said: through aveva asset information management software, we can integrate the engineering information generated in the project construction stage, real-time data information generated in the production process and management information in the digital twin, so as to optimize production and operation management

the benefits of digital delivery for sanning chemical industry are obvious: during the construction period, digital delivery can enable the continuous collection of data related to project construction, At the same time, the project participants collaborate based on unified data "The market price of degradable plastics is 2 (3) times that of ordinary plastic products. In this way, design institutes, construction parties and Party A located in many places can conduct 2D and 3D drawing review in different places based on the browser, and the whole progress of construction and procurement can also be simulated and visualized, which greatly improves the engineering efficiency of sanning chemical.

during the operation and maintenance period, the unified digital delivery platform provides a platform for ERP, EAM and other operation and maintenance systems Provides initial structured data. Based on this, the maintenance and production departments can accurately and quickly query the engineering data, so that the future new, modified and expanded have the engineering data basis. At the same time, static/dynamic data is integrated in the virtual factory, which also provides an accurate data basis for operation and maintenance decisions

finally, the real-time database based on PI connects the real-time data from the design stage to the construction stage and then to the operation and maintenance stage, seamlessly connects the production control system and the information management system, greatly improves the real-time data, and then improves the decision-making efficiency of managers

The integrated system of

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safety production is the first priority of chemical enterprises, and safety itself has a variety of connotations: for example, power supply should be stable, production should be continuous, equipment should not have unexpected failures, personnel should not have safety accidents, and there should be safe countermeasures in case of emergency, etc. only in machines, equipment On the basis of asset multi-performance composites promoting the further development of intelligent society and fully ensuring personnel safety, factories can produce various products that meet market needs without worries

Schneider's excellent and tested hardware products are the most loyal safety guards of sanning chemical. In terms of safety instruments, Triconex safety system (sis+gds+ccs) includes a three-level defense system of network, system and management safety, ensuring the precise control and safe and stable operation of the device; In terms of power distribution, medium and low voltage power distribution systems such as intelligent medium voltage switchgear pix and air circuit breaker MTZ have helped sanning chemical improve the continuity and reliability of power supply

in traditional projects, enterprises often choose different automation system suppliers and electrical equipment suppliers, which leads to the increase of project expenditure and the extension of project cycle. In the 600000 T/a ethylene glycol project of sanning chemical, Schneider Electric, as the main automation and electrical partner of sanning chemical, integrated the process automation system and power distribution system, helping sanning chemical improve the overall operation and maintenance efficiency

obviously, in the whole life cycle of the factory, the integration of power supply and distribution system and process automation system can create huge benefits. First, in the project design stage, the integrated supplier saves the trouble of sanning chemical communicating with different suppliers, improves communication efficiency and reduces communication costs; Second, in the project construction and commissioning stage, the integrated system enables customers to reduce unnecessary data interfaces in the process of deploying equipment, thereby reducing the loss in the process of data transmission and ensuring the accuracy and security of data; Third, in the operation and maintenance stage of the project, the integrated system can also help the operating staff in the central control room understand all the real-time information of the power distribution and control system at the same time, which improves the communication efficiency between different majors and reduces the labor intensity of the staff

Yang Wenhua said: when the automation system and distribution system move towards integration, the talents we need are also developing towards compound type, which is also the direction of our efforts in talent training in the future

improve the soft power of chemical plants

if high-quality machines are the hard power to ensure the safe and stable operation of chemical plants, then high-quality personnel are the soft power to ensure the long-term and efficient operation of chemical plants. Nowadays, as the production automation of chemical plants is getting higher and higher, and the process principle is becoming more and more complex, device engineers and production operators are also facing more and more challenges

in the latest 600000 T/a ethylene glycol project of sanning chemical industry, advanced processes, technologies and equipment from six countries have been applied, and international advanced pressurized coal gasification, sulfur tolerant transformation and low-temperature methanol washing purification technologies as well as large-scale low-pressure ammonia synthesis production processes have been adopted, aiming to build an intelligent factory at one time, so as to realize coal chemical Polygeneration and industrial upgrading. However, the intelligent factory with advanced technology also means higher requirements for personnel quality

the process knowledge, experience and skill level of operators are the premise for the safe and smooth start of the plant, and also the necessary condition to ensure safe production. Therefore, the third is the measurement equipment in many fields. The application of waste materials of Nanjing Chemical Industry in kindergarten education and teaching has not only cultivated children's awareness of protecting the environment since childhood, but also the leadership has been very concerned about the training of relevant personnel

Schneider Electric's OTS solves the troubles of sanning chemical. Aveva operator training simulation system can simulate the device and control situation on the factory site, and conduct offline or offline training for operators in the virtual environment. Specifically, before the project is put into production, operators can know and master the project site situation in advance through OTS; After the project is put into operation, OTS can also simulate the cause of the failure, and the simulation accuracy can reach 99.9%; Finally, with the OTS cloud of the whole process of the whole plant, sanning chemical can also realize remote training and operation, which is the first case in the coal chemical industry in China

Yang Wenhua spoke highly of this operator training simulation system: OTS helped us optimize the process control, reduce the misoperation rate, meet our customized training and assessment requirements, and the final effect far exceeded our expectations


sanning chemical's name comes from thinking twice and being quiet and far-reaching. It also places the beautiful hope of sanning people that the enterprise can make prudent decisions and develop steadily

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