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For Chinese can manufacturers Bauer + kunzi

Bauer + K (4) necking and fracture stages for plastic materials, unzi company was founded in 1974 in Ditzingen, Germany, and was founded by maxbauer and Ouo kunzi company. Ouo kunzi used to be mainly engaged in three piece can manufacturing, printing, decoration and coating business. However, the development of can making industry is slowing down. On the other hand, the development of web printing is also slowing down. Therefore, the emergence of a new generation of metal printing technology is imminent

bauer + kunzi is a partner of enterprise metal printing solutions. Bauer + kunzi combines its 25 years of experience in the field of metal printing with the advanced technology developed by kba-planeta, the world's leading manufacturer of sheet fed offset printing machines. Since Bauer + kunzi cooperated with kba-planeta in 1994, Bauer + kunzi has produced many printing machines and polishing machines, which has triggered a revolution in the field of metal decoration: improving quality, increasing production capacity and simplifying operation. Bauer + kunzi won the metal packaging Invention Award

bauer + kunzi's products include all metal printing equipment, such as roller conveyor belt, plate taking out unit, quality control system. Bauer + kunzi can also provide solutions combining ordinary drying and ultraviolet light according to user requirements

metalstar brings innovation

metalstar metal printing machine brings innovation to the metal printing industry, which improves the quality, efficiency and operating performance. Its speed can reach more than 8000 pieces per hour. It is reported that it is one of the fastest multi-color (multi-color) metal printing machines in the market at present, and its mechanical speed is 12000 pieces per hour. It won the innovation award of Metpack metal packaging exhibition in Essen, Germany in May, 1999

why cooperate with kba-planeta

after a series of comprehensive research on paper lithography machine, Bauer + kunzi began to cooperate with kba-planeta, a world-famous printing machine manufacturer. It is no accident to choose Planeta among many potential cooperation schemes. It is a decision made after meticulous investigation and Research on various technologies that are crucial in the treatment of tin or aluminum sheets

in order to comply with the requirements of today's printing standards, it is not enough to only improve the existing paper lithography machines. Therefore, metalstar special metal printing machine designed by Bauer + kunzi and manufactured by kba-planeta came into being. The parameter is 1000 × 1200mm metal sheet cannot be compatible with paper flat printing machine. Therefore, all components related to metal sheet transportation and transmission (the microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine is a horizontal frame structure) are newly developed, such as the setting of guide rails and grippers. In addition, all imported components, from the patented continuous feeder to the design of sheet metal conveying equipment, are developed by Bauer + kunzi. In addition, Bauer + kunzi also changed the standard ceramic coating of the drum to tungsten carbide in order to adapt to the pressure caused by metal sheets during transportation. The hard structural design enables Planeta to speed up 8 with 12000 tablets per hour This machine operates with breaking protection function. Its planetary gear system is another important feature of the printer, which enables the machine to run smoothly with minimal wear

metalstar operation and its success

since the first generation of 4-color metalstar printing press was installed five years ago to crown cork seal company in the United States where non professionals do not operate, metalstar has made great progress, especially in terms of installation time. The printing press can be easily connected between equal length cutting and rolled plates within 30 minutes. The traditional printing press needs 45 minutes to complete this task. The performance specification requirements put forward by a former user: 15 microns in front of the first operation unit and 10 microns in the future units. But metalstar's printing machine is better. It runs at the printing speed of 8000 pieces per hour, and there are about 7000 pieces per hour on the rolling tray. Most of its users are major manufacturers in the world's color printing industry. Most of them order 4-color printing machines, but there is also an obvious trend to shift to 6-color overprint machines

the printer can measure metal plates with a thickness between 0.12mm and 0.40mm. In a recent test, a German customer's metal sheet with a thickness as small as 0.08mm can still operate successfully

bauer + kunzi's early customers can hardly believe that the printing machine can not only print between UV decks, but also print more than four colors at a time in wet press wet printing. Today, this method has been widely used

significant effect

most people believe that metalstar has set a new profit standard. Because of the advantages of high speed and one-time printing, with the same number of operators, the output of a four-color metalstar is four times that of a traditional two-color printer, and the energy consumption is reduced to one third of the original. The conversion time of four-color metalstar printer is about 27 minutes, while that of six color printer is about 35 minutes. Bauer + kunzi's customers confirmed that a four-color metalstar printer can replace three traditional two-color printers. Since the metalstar printer was launched more than five years ago, its products have been sold to five continents in the world. Its users include not only the world's largest can manufacturers, such as crown cork seal, carnaud metalbox, white cap, impress metal packaging and NCI (Australia), but also small and medium-sized customers in Asia and Europe

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