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Foton Lovol heavy industry: let party building become visible productivity

Foton Lovol heavy industry: let party building become visible productivity

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party building has been done, which is also productivity

Foton LOVOL International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., the leading backbone enterprise in the domestic machinery and equipment industry, has always integrated party building into enterprise development and focused on Party building as well as management, forming three functions of the Party committee of the enterprise, "ideological guidance and organizational guarantee, operation guarantee and service support, social and employee care", and ten businesses, including "Ideological and cultural construction, operation promotion, administrative logistics", Finally, the same frequency resonance between Party building and enterprise development has been realized. Since its establishment in 1998, the Party committee of Foton Lovol heavy industry has grown step by step. Because of its high sensor accuracy (some reaching 1.1 million), it can also test the friction coefficient. There are 16 committees (general Party branches), 64 party branches and 1140 party members. It has become an advanced basic party organization in Shandong Province and an excellent party organization in China's machinery industry. At the same time, the company has gradually grown into the largest agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise and the fastest-growing construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in China

melt the corporate culture, and grasp the cohesion of Party building work.

corporate culture is the soul and DNA of an enterprise. Corporate culture construction is one of the core businesses of the Party committee system of Foton Lovol heavy industry

Foton Lovol heavy industry adheres to the mission of creating the future through science and technology. Since its establishment in 1998, it has developed into a leading backbone enterprise in China's machinery and equipment industry. Its business covers engineering machinery, agricultural equipment, vehicles, engines and core parts, finance, etc., and its products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions around the world. Since 2011, Foton Lovol heavy industry has stepped into a new development stage in the globalization development stage. It has successively established European R & D centers and Japanese R & D centers. At the same time, it has gradually set up branches overseas, and high-end core talents from all over the country and overseas continue to join

in the context of talent diversity, the Party committee of Foton Lovol heavy industry reviewed the situation, widely absorbed the opinions of Chinese and foreign employees, and put forward the new connotation of Lovol culture of "openness and inclusiveness, pragmatic innovation, mutual trust, and efficient implementation", so as to realize the effective integration of the team

senior managers of the company take the lead in taking various forms of activities such as salons, traditional festivals for both domestic and foreign employees, democratic life meetings, etc., to strengthen the communication between employees of different nationalities, and at the same time, send domestic employees to work with overseas employees in batches to strengthen the interaction and mutual understanding between domestic and foreign employees. Under the guidance of the new connotation of Lovol culture, employees from different countries and cultural backgrounds have achieved a clear and unified vision and objectives, formed an institutional process for tongshanghai chlor alkali to transform and invest in the electrolytic device, gradually promoted the preliminary design and exploration, cultivated a unified cultural gene, and formed a strong team cohesion and creativity. At present, Lovol's new platform products for high-end agricultural equipment, which represent the world's first-class technical level, have achieved major breakthroughs with the cooperation of the technical team composed of Chinese and foreign employees, and become a powerful weapon to support enterprises to open the international medium and high-end market in the future

in order to let employees better understand and practice the corporate culture, the Party committee of Foton Lovol heavy industry took the lead to continue to build an online and offline three-dimensional cultural landing platform. Online, on the basis of deepening the construction platform of traditional culture such as the company's internal journals, bulletin boards and factory posters, we will continue to strengthen the development and utilization of new media, such as Lovol official and official Weibo, to achieve two-way interaction between the company and employees; At the same time, a variety of offline cultural activities are carried out according to the needs of employees, including the anniversary celebration of the company, the staff sports meeting, etc., and cultural training and cultural experience activities are carried out at different levels according to the needs of employees, so as to stimulate the vitality of employees

after the continuous promotion of cultural construction in recent years, the employee engagement has increased by 8.53 percentage points, the cohesion and innovation of employees have continued to improve, the enterprise development has become more stable, and the competitive advantage of corporate culture has become increasingly prominent

integrate into the development of entity business, grasp the productivity of Party construction work

good business performance is the basis for the existence and development of enterprises. It is the key for the Party committee of Foton Lovol heavy industry to focus on practice in its work to find the combination point between Party building and enterprise business activities, ensure Party building, guarantee and service, and support the development of enterprise production and operation

talent is the core element of enterprise development. In the training of talent team, the Party committee of the company closely focuses on the development needs of the enterprise, deeply integrates with the human resources department of the company from the aspects of selection and employment concept and encouraging talent growth, and works together to make talents truly become the core competitiveness of Foton Lovol heavy industry

in view of the requirements of the reality and future development of the enterprise for the talent echelon, the Party committee of the company timely put forward the 12 character policy of "consolidating the post-60s, developing the Post-70s, cultivating the post-80s, and paying attention to the post-90s", and built the talent echelon by layers and classifications, ensuring the vigorous vitality and innovation of the enterprise

in view of the characteristics of the majority of young employees and high demands for growth and development, the Party committee of the company launched the qualification evaluation and employment activities, providing employees with a broad career development channel, which not only stimulated employees' innovation awareness and ability, but also promoted the business development of the enterprise. For example, Zhang Qincun, an employee of the rice machine factory of the agricultural equipment business headquarters, has put forward more than a dozen production improvement proposals and won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010. Only the capacity improvement project of the rack dipping production line can save 330000 yuan per year and increase the capacity by 75%. Zhu Xiaoqi, an employee of the marketing company of the loader division, actively promoted the warehouse location management, improved the speed and accuracy of picking up and delivering goods, and reduced the warehouse management personnel by 50%...

at the same time, the Party committee of the company also set up Lovol "Growth Fund", and the "star employees" selected according to the fund selection process were rewarded with 3000 yuan at one time and 300 yuan/month allowance for three consecutive years. He has been rated as a "star employee" for three consecutive times and enjoys the corresponding treatment of the company's "senior technician". At present, a total of 55 star employees have been selected

in view of the fact that the agricultural equipment and other businesses engaged by the enterprise are highly seasonal and obvious in the light and peak seasons, we should make every effort to do a good job in the service guarantee in the peak seasons. In the peak production season of the company, the party, working group and League of the company jointly planned and carried out peak climbing celebrations, peak season labor competitions, distribution of heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies, distribution of overtime nutritional meals and other activities, so that front-line employees can truly feel the humanistic care of the company in the process of hard work

in order to create a good internal operating environment, the Party committee of the company has also comprehensively promoted the construction of an honest and clean government in enterprises, established a database of risk points in key links of the value chain, formulated and issued the Six Provisions on the construction of cadres' style, established a reporting reward fund, and established an effective system to punish and prevent corruption

in order to mobilize the vitality of the work of grass-roots party organizations, the Party committee of Foton Lovol heavy industry also creatively integrated modern enterprise management experience into the party building work, classified and graded the business of the Party branch, and established the "6m" construction standard of the Party branch from six aspects, such as "basic management, planned objective management, ideological and cultural management, law and discipline factory regulation management, business promotion management, and people's livelihood management", so as to institutionalize the work of the Party branch Standardization

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