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Foton Lovol 3 loaders on display in Malaysia favored by users

Foton Lovol 3 loaders on display in Malaysia favored by users

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recently, a large-scale machinery exhibition with unique scale was jointly organized by the Malaysian National Ministry of machinery, Sibu machinery and agriculture development department and dealers across East Malaysia. At the exhibition site, the street dance of Lovol loader was unique, setting off the climax of the exhibition site. The products received much attention and achieved good exhibition results

in this exhibition, Foton Lovol heavy industry brought three star products Lovol fl958g-2, fl966f-2 and fl936f-2 loaders to the exhibition, which aroused the strong interest of users. Stop to watch and take photos

these three products have the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance, high efficiency, comfort and strong applicability in China. Lovol loaders inherit European advanced technology, always put product quality in the first key monitoring concrete series product position, strive for the perfect match between supporting resources and the overall design of loaders, and strive to achieve the best quality and reliability of the whole vehicle. At the same time, Lovol loaders always pay attention to user needs and product applicability, Improve in time according to customer needs and market feedback information, improve product performance and adaptability, and strive to be the product with the best adaptability and customer satisfaction

at the event site, the street dance performance carefully prepared by Lovol loader shocked the whole audience. The skilled driving skills of the driver, the light dancing posture of the loader, and the rhythmic jumping caused bursts of applause from the audience. After the hip-hop performance, the on-site audience expressed strong interest in Lovol loaders, and boarded the hip-hop performance prototype to experience the comfort of driving, which was widely recognized by the on-site audience. After personal experience, many users said that Lovol loaders would be the first choice when adding new machines

as the only Chinese loader brand participating in this exhibition, this exhibition has achieved good results. Orders for 4 Lovol loaders and backhoe loaders were sold on site, and more than 20 customers had purchase intentions

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