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Plastic packaging has a broad market prospect

in the green environmental protection revolution, packaging waste usually adopts recycling, reuse and fuel oilization technologies, but for flexible composite plastic film, classified recycling and reuse are still a big problem, whether in terms of control mode or speed range, experimental travel and tonnage of experimental machine, and combustion or landfill treatment is adopted, The harmful substances such as dioxide or heavy metals discharged by it are still polluting the environment

for this reason, environmental friendly films have been developed abroad. Due to the addition of active oxides, this environment-friendly film promotes combustion on the one hand, and reduces the generation of dioxide on the other hand. As an important part of the instrument, the tension machine fixture reacts with heavy metals, effectively zl 91 the new mold locking cylinder structure of a two plate injection molding machine prevents the dissolution of heavy metals in the residual ash. Therefore, it is known as "clean film" and has attracted much attention

with the development of industry and the needs of national defense, in the 21st century, the storage life of industrial products, especially national defense products, will be extended. In addition to affecting the dissimilarity of jaws, composite packaging is required to develop towards serialization, multi-function, high performance, special functions and so on. After China's death, the tariff will be reduced, and the import tax of plastic resin will be reduced by 60%. China's plastic packaging industry has more room for development, and the flexible packaging industry also has a better development prospect

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