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Classification, variety and grade division of Color Masterbatch

the full name of color masterbatch is color masterbatch, also known as color seed. It is a new type of colorant for polymer materials. It is composed of three basic elements: pigment or dye, carrier and additive. It is an aggregate obtained by uniformly attaching super constant pigment or dye to resin, which can be regarded as pigment concentrate, so its coloring power is higher than that of pigment itself. Color masterbatch is mainly optimized and upgraded to build four refining and chemical bases in Maozhan, Zhenhai, Shanghai and Nanjing, which should be used in plastics In order to achieve the desired color effect in plastic or rubber products

classification methods of color masterbatch are commonly used as follows:

classification by carrier: such as PE Color Masterbatch, PP Color Masterbatch, ABS Color Masterbatch, PVC color masterbatch, EVA Color Masterbatch, etc

classification by color: such as color masterbatch, black masterbatch, White Masterbatch, etc

the main component of rubber gloves is natural latex

the tensile strength of polylactic acid polyurethane elastomer prepared by work can reach 23.5 MPa, which can be classified into: Color Masterbatch for coloring; Anti aging Color Masterbatch, antistatic Color Masterbatch, antibacterial Color Masterbatch, flame retardant color masterbatch and other functional color masterbatch

each variety can be divided into different concrete pressure testing machines. How many levels do you know:

1 Advanced color masterbatch for injection. It is used for cosmetic packing boxes, toys, electrical appliance shells and other high-grade products

2. Common injection color masterbatch. Used for general daily plastic products, industrial containers, etc

3. Advanced blown film color masterbatch. It is used for blow molding and coloring of ultra-thin products

4. Common blown film color masterbatch. It is used for blow molding coloring of general packaging bags and woven bags

5. Spinning masterbatch. It is used for textile fiber spinning coloring. The masterbatch pigment has fine particles, high concentration, strong coloring power, good heat and light resistance

6. Low grade color masterbatch. It is used to manufacture low-grade products with low requirements for color quality, such as garbage cans, low-grade containers, etc

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