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The plastic packaging industry has become a major contributor to the development of the German economy

Germany is the largest production and processing place of the plastic industry in Europe. In 2015, the turnover of the industry in Germany reached 59.8 billion euros. The German Association of plastic processors with low sampling rate said that its turnover increased by 1.3% over the previous year, mainly due to plastic packaging and plastic technical components. According to the statistics of the association, the German plastic processing industry employed a total of 316000 employees last year, including 2853 enterprises with 20 or more employees, and the total output of plastic products reached 13.6 million tons

"in the past few years, the German automobile industry has become the driving force for the development of many industrial fields, such as electronics, chemistry and chip industry. For environmental reasons, it is very important to reduce the weight of cars." Dr. thorstenbug, an expert from the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency, said that due to the above reasons, the automotive industry also promoted the development of the plastic industry, especially the development of ultra light plastic components

Germany is the largest producer of plastic industry in Europe and the processing place of tensile strength test method of metal coating. The plastic industry in Germany covers the whole value chain of plastic production and processing, from plastic machinery manufacturing to recycling enterprises. The plastics industry offers innovative products and solutions in almost all industrial areas. The largest proportion of plastic industry is packaging and construction industry. In addition, plastics are widely used in automobile, electronics, medical technology, furniture, kitchen supplies and agriculture

among them, Germany's glass fiber reinforced plastic can work normally only after re calibrating the sensor. The material market is growing at a rate of 5% to 10% every year, and no region in the whole Europe can match its growth. Fiber reinforced plastics of composites is still a small field, but it has great development potential in Germany. It is predicted that carbon reinforced fiber will become the driving force for the growth of the industry

the German federal agency for foreign trade and investment is the agency of the German federal government for foreign trade and domestic investment. The agency provides advice and support to foreign companies entering the German market and assists enterprises established in Germany to enter foreign markets

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