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This plastic packaging marking technology makes plastic recycling easier

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core tip: sustainable development has always been an important issue, especially for a&ip, which is trying to reduce waste

[China Packaging News] sustainable development has always been an important issue, especially for a IP, which is trying to reduce waste

nowadays, this intelligent technology can make the recycling of plastic packaging easier. Therefore, although this is slightly different from the direction of sustainable development, it is absolutely worth mentioning

polysecure is a German enterprise specializing in the development of product marking and certification solutions. Its new "tracking classification" sorting technology won the German startgreen award

the jury of the German Ministry of environment in Berlin said, "this technology is an important step to truly realize the circular economy, especially in the field of plastics."

managing director Jochen moesslein said that the main goal of this technology is to classify plastic packaging more effectively and achieve more detailed classification to truly meet the needs of the recycling industry

"our technology can not only sort the four main polymers of PE, PS, PP and pet, but also subdivide its sub categories, such as Coca Cola bottle caps. So this event is not a special PE material for the reason of renaming. With this, our technology may become an important driving force for the circular economy of plastic packaging."

polysecure has won this award for three consecutive times. The award is established to recognize innovative business ideas and start-ups and start-ups that have made contributions to climate protection and sustainable development through their own services and products. The company won in the startup category

Christman of the techniezentrum Dresden said that Dr. Bertram Dressel, managing director and chairman of the German Association of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship centers, said, "the technology developed by polysecure can sort materials very accurately and truly fill the gap in the recycling cycle"

Moesslein said that the recycle bin can now provide more specific and purer recycled materials for the production of new plastic products

globally, this technology can better recycle more than 25million tons of plastic. In addition, at least 50million tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced

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