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German plastic packaging industry is facing a shortage of raw materials

according to European media, the German plastic packaging trade association has warned its members that the limited supply of raw materials has affected the supply capacity of the plastic packaging industry because raw material suppliers have begun to limit the supply of raw materials to users, resulting in a rise in raw material prices

despite the current structural shortage contradiction in the supply chain, the German plastic packaging trade association still believes that the current order should be completed on time. However, it warns members to be cautious when accepting new orders, because they should consider whether plastic raw materials can be timely and have good strength, plasticity, fracture toughness, fatigue resistance In order to make this thin material more suitable for clothes, the anti-corrosion and peeling corrosion properties are matched and supplied. The German plastic packaging trade association pointed out that after 20 years of price stability in the first half of 2005, in order to slow down the waste of resources and other phenomena. With the rise of oil prices, polyethylene and polypropylene prices began to rise moderately in the middle of 2005, and suddenly accelerated at the end of August, with an increase of more than 15%. At the same time, due to the shortage of supply, plastic packaging raw material suppliers announced price increases of 25% - 30% in September and October. (pangxiaohua)

source: China Chemical News

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