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Plastic packaging is increasingly replacing metal coating packaging

in the past 20 years, plastic packaging has been proved to be a better alternative to metal coating packaging cans. Consumers' complaints about rusty metal paint packaging cans and the difficulty of re sealing and storing metal packaging after opening have driven designers to develop plastic paint packaging containers

Sherwin Williams made an experiment in 2002. At that time, the company designed a square plastic coating packaging container twist pour, which has a side handle, an easy to dump outlet and a screw cap. In 2003, the can won the gold medal of the American Association of industrial designers

at present, the plasticization of paint cans in the United States has gradually become a trend. Kwplastics, located in Troy, Alabama, has announced that it is the world's largest supplier of trusnap all plastic coating packaging containers. Kwplastics is a major recycler of high-density polyethylene (H is widely used in many industries, DPE) and polypropylene (PP). In 1981, the company opened a ldpe/lldpe combination plant in Alabama to recycle PP from battery shells by refining the ldpe/lldpe combination plant that requires rubber materials to have the necessary physical and mechanical energy. In 1986, the company opened a factory in Bakersfield, California, and established kwplastics recycling company in 1992 to recycle high-density polyethylene. KW began to produce plastic and metal mixed paint containers in 1998, and expanded to all plastic injection molding paint packaging containers using 100% recycled materials

plastic coating packaging containers have been widely accepted in the European market before they became popular in the North American coating market. In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its customer cofabrill, a Belgian consumer goods packaging manufacturer verstrateeiml launched a coating packaging bucket in 2016 for the company's professional coating product zolpan, which uses golden in mold insert injection molding technology

recently, RPC superfos, an injection molding and thermoforming packaging design and development and manufacturer headquartered in Taastrup, Denmark, began to supply plastic packaging cans for interior and exterior wall coatings of Helios, a Slovenian paint manufacturer. Helio wants to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. S company chose RPC superfos' super oval packaging bucket because it has user-friendly, light weight and sustainable characteristics

previously, Helios' coating products generally used metal packaging, but with the increasing popularity of water-based coatings, the company has decided to turn to plastic packaging containers, and stipulated that its wall paint will only use plastic packaging cans and barrels, "because more people appreciate the quality of these containers"

Helios is one of the top 10 paint manufacturers in Europe. It has production bases in 8 countries in Europe and its products are sold all over the world. At the end of 2016, Kansai coating company, Japan's second largest coating manufacturer, announced that it had invested 70billion yen (about 572million euros) to acquire Helios. The acquisition was completed on March 31, 2017

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