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There are five trends in the plastic packaging material market

because food has a very different nature, it will show non decomposing fruits when choosing packaging materials, which also constitutes the endless expansion of the types of packaging materials touched by the food packaging industry. Although plastic packaging materials have not achieved the environmental protection goal, it is still the most common part of the food packaging industry. According to analysis, the following trends will appear in the plastic packaging data market

packaging lightweight

lightweight is a frequently used tool in the future. These precision values can reach a maximum of plus or minus 0.5 vocabularies, which are used to describe the reality of stopping the weight reduction of packaging by using less data. The field of packaging is increasingly fond of lightweight materials, and nearly every kind of plastic packaging emphasizes this in shape and layout. Reducing the weight and thickness of packaging materials faces many challenges. The lightweight packaging needs to maintain the function and function of the original packaging, which is a serious training for the production technology of lightweight packaging materials. In the past few years, through a series of data innovation and technological progress, packaging lightweight has made great progress

functional film

in recent years, the plastic film market has a positive momentum, which is significantly higher than the growth trend of traditional packaging materials, such as paper packaging, cardboard, aluminum foil and other markets. It can also design according to the length of the style. At the same time, while the packaging film is thinner, it is more functional, which spurs the market to increase at a higher speed. In such a fast-growing market, more and more companies will invest in the climax of functional films in the future, which may speed up technological reform and promote the endless emergence of new products


it is well known that oil is a scarce capital that cannot be regenerated. The imbalance of oil capital reserves in various countries and the looting and pre heating of 20 minutes' exploitation by rich countries have become the primary factors that stimulate the unrest in the world. Therefore, the growth of biodegradable materials and the increase of human-oriented consumption of petrochemicals have gradually become the resonance of future biological countries, especially rich countries. In recent years, the related technology has grown rapidly, and more and more bioplastics have appeared in the packaging field

in mold labeling packaging

in mold labeling technology has been introduced into China's plastic packaging market as early as more than 10 years ago, and has caused considerable vibration in the industry. However, due to the constraints of various identities, it has not been able to achieve breakthrough growth in the international market since then, and its market share is still very small. Fortunately, the international in mold labeling packaging market, which has been covered by solid ice for many years in the past two years, has begun to revitalize, setting off a small boom in the plastic packaging market. Especially in the field of FMCG packaging, although last year was the one-year packaging of a large number of replacement products of plastic machines in Thailand, under the pressure of the rising cost of rest, the number of FMCG enterprises that examined and adopted in mold labeling packaging technology in the market is no longer the majority

convenience packaging

in the past, packaging has done enough in terms of shelf revealing power, shelter and convenient transportation, but there is still a lack of convenience in packaging. Now, with the progress of living standards and the accelerating pace of society, the requirements of consumers for packaging are constantly improving, thus stimulating the innovation and growth of packaging in convenience. Before, many plastic packages had to be opened with the help of teeth or scissors, but now most of these packages have a more convenient and fast opening method

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