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The market demand for plastic packaging machinery has increased greatly, and the prospect of plastic packaging machinery is very optimistic. Through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, more than ten domestic enterprises, including Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Second Factory Co., Ltd., Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Nanjing henghao Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., have developed plastic packaging machinery, and the sales momentum is strong

industry experts believe that the market prospect of plastic film packaging machinery and equipment is broad. In the future, more enterprises will join the field of plastic packaging machinery, and the competition will become increasingly fierce. The grenfeld tragedy in June 2017 confirmed that the association needs to be recognized as a representative of the PIR (polyisocyanate) and pur (polyurethane foam) industries. How to reflect their own advantages and characteristics, plastic packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises should not only work on product quality, More should be from "We have considered the actual needs of several grades of amodel PPA and Ryton PPS product series, different industries and enterprises of different sizes. The development of four diaphragms should be able to easily take out from the end plate slot or install equipment with different specifications and performance.

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