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Plastic packaging is still the first choice of food packaging

with people's increasing attention to food quality and the life of food packaging on shelves, the food packaging industry is booming. "Today's consumers need more packaging products that protect the quality, freshness and safety of food," said Kasturi nadkarny, a research analyst. "The introduction of relevant regulations around the world has only strengthened the more innovative and wise packaging concept. The concept of filters with blocking instigators has been enhanced."

as people pay more and more attention to carcinogens on packaging materials, which are widely used in construction, heat preservation, packaging, freezing and daily necessities, many management regulations have been implemented. For example, bisphenol-A used in plastic food containers is associated with breast cancer and abortion. Other regulations require the use of food packaging that is easy to decompose and beneficial to environmental protection

the most revolutionary is the European Commission's proposal to force the food packaging industry to use the ingredients allowed in manufacturing plastics

the committee also proposed that manufacturers would have to stop using semicarbazide in the sealant of glass cans before October 2005

"the introduction of these administrative regulations has promoted the improvement of food packaging methods, so many manufacturers always use ordinary electronic universal testing machines to pretend to improve, and manufacturers now have a certain understanding of the packaging methods of their products to meet the required standards," he said

when some regulations are passed, plastics are often subject to strict examination. However, the feasibility of the designed cans and containers makes plastic the first choice for food packaging

at present, glass packaging is facing fierce competition from performance appraisal test bottles. This kind of bottle is very thin, light, has strong crushing resistance and is easy to handle. It also improves the feasibility of product packaging for different shapes of food and beverages

now we also attach great importance to the convenience of food packaging. Packaging that increases convenience, such as portable, easy to store, and provides good performance, is becoming more and more popular

in order to follow this situation, the milk packaging technology has been stimulated recently. For example, Elopak, a Norwegian dairy manufacturer, announced the implementation of a new packaging method, a packaging box with a screw cap. Another great breakthrough was the introduction of metal top dotting cans from Silgan container company

"different packaging technologies and materials will continue to compete directly with future technologies, and its success depends on performance, cost, and impact on brand value," he concluded

the achievements of world food packaging technology are part of the d926 program (chemical substances, materials and food). This paper analyzes the situation and achievements of the recent popular food packaging technology that also puts forward new topics for automotive non-metallic materials. The commonly used packaging materials, such as glass, plastic, light materials and paperboard, are discussed, and some aseptic food packaging technologies are emphasized

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