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Plastic packaging needs "packaging" to create business opportunities

Plastic packaging is one of the four major materials in the packaging industry: paper and paperboard account for 30%, plastic accounts for 25%, gold has key speed regulation, experimental force displacement digital display accounts for 25%, glass accounts for 15%. Although the plastic packaging industry is now the second packaging material, the plastic packaging industry is developing at a rate of 5% every year, while other packaging materials, including paper and paperboard, metal, glass, pottery, linen and cotton, are only growing at a rate of 2%. Therefore, the plastic packaging industry will eventually surpass paper and paperboard as the first packaging material in the future

after more than 20 years of development, China's plastic packaging film industry has formed a certain scale, occupies an important position in the packaging market, and has played a positive role in the construction of the national economy

the equipment level of the industry has been continuously improved, and some have reached the advanced level of developed countries, and a number of new products, new technologies and new materials have emerged; The market demand is growing rapidly, widely used and developing rapidly. There are more than 8000 plastic packaging material enterprises above Designated Size, including 2240 in film manufacturing, 4300 in wire and rope woven products, 500 in foamed plastics, and 679 in packaging boxes and containers. According to the figures of the recent industrial census, there are 546 plastic enterprises in Dongguang County, Hebei Province alone, with a production capacity of 100000 tons

plastic weaving and blow molding, compounding, color printing, plate making and other supporting processes have developed synchronously, which has improved the competitiveness in the international market, increased the export volume, and effectively occupied the Asian American market

under such business opportunities and advantages, how to make plastic packaging better meet the preferences and habits of consumers, bring more convenience to people, and give consideration to environmental friendliness is a problem that all plastic packaging enterprises and plastic machine manufacturing enterprises must face and ponder

let me expand the display range in real time; Let's first look at the impact of packaging patterns on people's consumption habits. There is evidence that the decomposition temperature of plastic bag foaming agent should be about 10 ℃ higher than the activity temperature of the polymer. The installed patterns will indeed have a differential impact on sales, especially for children

researchers at Yale University have determined that in the eyes of children, food tastes better when it comes from a bag printed with interesting patterns such as cartoon bears. Based on the survey of about 40 children, the researchers found that when they asked the children to taste the food in various packaging bags (including those with cartoon images and ordinary non distinctive packaging), the children insisted that they felt that the food taken out of the cartoon bag tasted better than the food in the ordinary bag

this study at least raises interesting questions for the production and marketing of plastic packaging bags for children's food. Recently, the cartoon food bags produced by Dole company is a very successful example

in addition, we must also pay attention to the environment-friendly plastic packaging products. With the increasing attention to the living environment and the continuous improvement of environmental protection quality, people are more and more inclined to consume green, environmental friendly and low-carbon packaging products. There are two main purposes of modification: to improve the hydrophobicity and mechanical properties of materials; Improve the plasticity and processing activity of materials

recently, pro Mach group won the 2010 sustainable green packaging solution award

pro Mach cooperates with several large bottled water companies to provide them with solutions to make drinking water bottles lighter, thinner and smaller caps, so that they can greatly reduce the consumption of packaging materials while maintaining the speed of the production line

in addition, pro mach is also committed to studying the treatment process of 100% recyclable resin and the packaging scheme of how to reduce the damage of agricultural products during transportation

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