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In recent years, with the rapid spread of government information application, Hunan Provincial Bureau of statistics has followed the pace of development and built a direct report command and scheduling system covering nearly 150 institutions of all cities, prefectures, counties and urban statistical bureaus in the province by using the remote video cooperation technology of Southern Telecom. The system plays a role of 2 Ring fast type: it is mainly composed of two parts, which enables the statistical institutions at all levels in the province to link up and down and monitor in real time; It realizes the functions of timely commanding, coordinating work, expediting data and emergency processing related data of all departments. The company ranks first in terms of investment efficiency by effectively adding. Ouyangming said that the audit of the direct report data has comprehensively improved the statistical efficiency of the whole province


the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics' joint direct reporting command and dispatching system follows the principles of unified planning, unified standards, and then completely locking the black knob and hierarchical management, and makes overall planning from many aspects to form an organic whole. The system is deployed in a tree network structure and managed uniformly through the video conference management platform of Southern Telecom. The software and hardware are combined. Baolitong group series HD terminals, vvx series IP and rpd/rpm mobile soft terminals are used to realize 1080p HD visual interconnection

the director of the National Bureau of statistics uses the joint direct reporting system in Hunan Provincial Bureau of statistics to communicate with local municipal and county bureaus about the economic situation

the governor of Hunan Province listens to the work report of the joint direct reporting system of Hunan Provincial Bureau of statistics

application effect

intuitive big data display: as the main platform for statistical data display, it interfaces with the Bureau's professional statistical system software to display statistical data, statements and graphics on the designated display equipment, The multi-dimensional display of economic indicators is more intuitive

strong scalability: it can be connected with various business systems to achieve multi scenario cross platform integration and statistics related work

centralized collaborative office: during the period of joint direct reporting, relevant professionals can centrally monitor the whole process of statistical data reporting, playing the role of mutual coordination and cooperation

multi terminal video dispatching: the command and dispatching center at all levels can break the restrictions of time and space through remote video, verify the data of local branches through mobile terminals (such as client, web page, pad, PC computer software, etc.), interact and monitor in real time

high definition video conference with multi-level linkage: the Bureau's internal four-level linkage mechanism from the National Bureau of statistics to the county-level Bureau of statistics can hold high-definition statistical business working meetings and publicize and implement the spirit of the meeting at any time. Meeting efficiency has been improved

business skill training: statistical business training at different levels of statistical institutions at all levels and majors can be carried out through remote video. The training effect is guaranteed and the training cost is greatly reduced

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