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Summary of interface data between ANSYS and other software

I would like to ask you how to import AutoCAD Graphics into ANSYS for processing. Thank you

autocad model input ansys

1 not long ago, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric, made a high-profile acquisition of Yinlong For 3D entities (3D objects)


file -- export-- Save type ACIS (*.sat) -- enter file name -- select entity (select 3D object)


file -- import -- sat Input is OK


it is convenient to convert with sat files, and generally there is no conversion problem


can only convert 3D objects

2 Exchange IGES format files

AutoCAD 12 has its own tool to output IGES format files, and AutoCAD 14 needs to download the conversion tool from the Autodesk station


File -- Import -- SAT... Input is enough


various entity types can be converted


conversion is troublesome, and often requires "TOPO and geom repair"

autocad 14 conversion tool download:

3 Cadtoa causes hidden dangers such as leakage of high-speed railway bridges NSYS


can be converted into beam elements


too few types of conversion entities

4 Dxf2ansys (highly recommended by fools)

the software is directly installed into the ANSYS input format. In the pre-processing state, select the read input from menu to input


common non three-dimensional entities can be converted. Since the initial value of keypoint conversion is optional, you can build each part separately when modeling with AutoCAD, and input it separately in ANSYS


fewer types of conversion entities

[help] pro/e2001-ansys 6.1 model import problem

just started using ANSYS 6.1. When exporting the model in the featrue ANSYS geom of pro/e2001, there is nothing on ANSYS 6.1, and the window of e shows: geometry

transfer completed,

yanni at 07:55

, that is, an ANS file or anf file has been generated. You can exit proe and directly enter ANSYS to read it.Enter the file

I just opened ANSYS6.1 today. I just learned this. I don't know where there is a basic

tutorial. Can I adjust the model I made in pro/e here for analysis

if you can, how should you transfer it? I learned it from scratch. I do general electrical appliances. How should I learn it? Please give me some advice. I'm very grateful, little sister. I should be able to find the introduction to ANSYS on the home page. If I don't find it, tell me your email and I'll send you some information at hand

to learn ANSYS, you should be patient and willing to spend time. Look at help more and make examples of ANSYS, but don't be demanding and comprehensive. You should combine actual work, from simple to complex, and solve problems when you encounter problems. After a long time, you will get it. I wish you success

questions about pro/e:

ansys has the setting function of connecting with pro/e, start - ANSYS 61 ans_ Admin - configuration (OK) - configure connection for pro/e... (add the

directory of pro/e, etc.)

after setting, there will be a connection command with ANSYS in the main menu of pro/e (the last command is ANSYS geom). After the entity is created in pro/e, click this command, and a

* Anf file, start ANSYS and read it with input command

try it. My model is OK

pro/e and ANSYS connection * operation process is as follows:

1) pro/e and ANSYS are installed under the same * operation system of the same machine

2) ensure that the versions of the above two software are compatible, and the version of pro/e shall not be higher than the version of ANSYS in the same period

3) start? Procedure? ANSYS? ANS_ ADSIN Utility? Configuration options? OK? Configuration Connection for Pro/E? Select ANSYS product? Select

graphics device name (nt: Win32)? Work space in megabytes(128)? Give pro/engineer installation path? Language used with

Pro/Engineer: usassii? OK;

4) run pro/engineer and configure o

name value description

fem_ ansys_ Annotations yes outputs the "simulation" analysis named annotations in ANSYS

fem_ ansys_ Grouping yes switch the transfer of the group and/or layer to ANSYS

fem_ default_ Solver ANSYS specifies the path to a solver

fem_ which_ ansys_ Solver front allows you to specify whether to use the frontal or iterative ANSYS solver

femansys_ Annotations yes switch the load case name to ANSYS

pro_ ansys_ Path pathname specifies the path to the executable ANSYS (ANSYS. E)

5) create a new part, and the anscon config ANSYS geom menu appears under the part menu. Open anscon config and make the following

Keyword Default Value Description

ANSYS_ CMD UNIX:/ansys56/bin/ansys Pathname to the version of ANSYS to be run.

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ansys_ GRIPHIC_ DEVICE UNIX:x11-stat Graphics driver for ANSYS.


ANSYS_ MEMORY_ SIZE 128 Amount of RAM, in megabytes, suggested to run ANSYS.

ANSYS_ NEUTRAL_ FORMAT YES Store the part as a neutral file or as a solid model file.

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